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04-09-2010, 07:05 AM
I did the SB24 on the Tribble server with my RA just before the changes went live, and know exactly what you are talking about, they regularly respawn in the hallway, while you are trying to clear out the rooms.

I guess it is there attempt at making it more of a challenge since people has been comnplaining about how easy everything was.

It was irritating, I died just after a group beammed down right on top of me. I respawned with my team in the starting area, and the group I was fighting actually were running down the hall to continue the fight. This was on Tribble (test server) so I have no idea if it made it over to live or not. At one point, I had aggrivated so many Klingons that the starting room was filled with Klingons, camping us as we spawned in.

For some reason when we died it didn't break the aggro, and they would chase us down the hall. I had to give up on the mission after a while, I never even made it down to the second level.

I was just glad my characters had finished it before the changes, so there is no point in going back to it anytime soon. At least till something changes.