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# 1 Federation PvP
04-09-2010, 07:38 PM
Feels good to play as nothing more than game content for Klingons. OMG I shooted at a Klingon, whats he do? 1.) Cloaks and flees. 2.) Summons a load of ships on my friggin head. 3.) Shoots me with some purple crap that disables me until I can push my Science Team button, and hope to frigging god my autotarget hasn't already reselected him, and it doesn't tick on my ****ing Boarding Team. 4.) Or I get into a PvP match where the Klingons are intelligent and working together. Essentially I feel like content for these guys, and prefer PvP on equal playing grounds. With out the PvP I really don't see much going on in this game, maybe I'll come back with the next content patch. Oh wait, I'm ****ing deaf and can't use Ventrillo so I can't get into a Fleet and do anything like that.