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04-09-2010, 07:17 PM
Drozan(spelling),the newest starbase in the neutral zone seems to be the big rp spot these days.For those that don't know,in your social tab under search at the bottom you can set your status to "Roleplayer" and you can set the search parameters "Rolepayer" and it will show everyone else online that has their status set to "Roleplayer",where they are,and which instance.

While Ten Forward is designated,among other things,as being for RP,its not very conducive to RP.Threads tend to get buried very quickly in this section.There is a great fan based website
Here you can post your stories,set up events,find fleets that rp recruiting or recruit for your own fleet.We also have sections for general STO discussion,general sci-fi and section much like Ten Forward.

I'm gonna do something I normally wouldn't and put in a shameless plug for my own fleet.
Background for the Invicta Fleet
Even though all out war with the Klingons and Romulans looms on the horizon,the Federation can not give up it's commitment to exploration.Needing its most experienced officers along the neutral zone ,Starfleet command decided to form a new fleet.A fleet comprised mostly of young and upcoming officers beginning with the officer chosen to lead this fleet,Captain Graves Truesdale.
The fleet's main mission is to defend Federation colonies in the frontiers and the continued exploration of deep space.

Invicta is a multi-platform gaming community that currenetly has members playing Age of Conan(Cimmerian Server) and a growing,exciting chapter in Fallen Earth.Our newest chapter is now formed and ready for adventures in Star Trek Online.We are a fun,friendly, mature guild that maintains a high standard of fair play and good sportsmanship and that is willing to engage the community rather than being isolated unto ourselves.

TBH at the moment our STO chapter is rather small and some of those members are on hiatus due to RL.But we are always looking for good people that enjoy rp and fun to hang out with.If you like what you see you can look me up in game as Graves Truesdale@Truesdale.I play mostly 8-11 pm est weeknights and all kinds of hours on the weekend