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04-09-2010, 08:21 PM
Your arguments are irrelevant because they have absolutely no bearing on "Would this make the game better or worse".

If people are playing their character as a civilian and they are having fun doing so it makes their game better. What's the point of insisting that they can't?
If people get to fly ships other than Starfleet ships and they enjoy it it makes their game better. What's the point in arguing that they shouldn't be allowed to?

The logic of the universe conforms to what makes a game fun. That's the reason why everyone gets their own ship in STO, and that every captain goes on every dangerous away mission, and that you get to pick your ship rather than being assigned one and that you get to paint your ship and so on and so on.

Unless you can sensibly show that the game would somehow be worse if anyone is allowed to pilot anything but Starfleet or Klingon ships you don't have a point at all.

And no, "It would be worse because I don't like people doing stuff that I wouldn't do" doesn't count, that's just being a ****.