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# 1 Aaaargh...Memory Alpha
04-09-2010, 08:50 PM
This will be the last time I gripe about this sort of thing. Even I am getting tired of it.

Just one simple question...where are the white MK IV items needed to craft better items at MA? Stuff available at the exploration stores is green (mostly I think. It's not white is the point), White stuff at Earth Spacedock is MK I and II only, Most items except personal weapons, are MK III at SB 39. None of those items can be updated at MA. Plasma personal weapons are offered at MA do not exist in white form anywhere, let alone in the MK IV version.

MA offers MK IV upgrades, but nowhere can I find these things in white or MK IV.

My rewards to date have all been MK III items at Tier 2, green. All that I find are MK III. Of what use is MA and the effort that goes into scanning anomolies to me?

Tell me if in my numerous trips around the block I am missing something? There appears to be a major disconnect here. I won't use this at all now. It is a waste of my gaming time.