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04-09-2010, 09:39 PM
Similarly, we have a PvP Event Committee with at least 10 fleets and their counterparts have joined in to bring PvP Events, tournaments, and report its findings to the developers. It is one of the mission of PvPEC to promote relations between Players and Developers.

We've already discussed to few Developers and already have told us they may not get involved with us this year due to the mass influx of programming they still need to write for fixes and contents to which they were pressured to pre-release by CBS / Atari. But will be getting involved with us next year once this initial stages are stabilized.

Similarly we have a PERC: Player Event Relations Committee being offered for the PVE section to build relations with the Developers as well. EG: "Alice in Wonderland scavanger hunt" is being scheduled in the near future.

Both PVPEC / PERC reports any findings and use the proper methods to communicate to the developers of suggestions / fixes / bugs that in the near future will help make STO community thrive.

As with you, we have the same mind and same voice. We believe if we have as many fleets as we find these threads being bumped so regularly, as ONE VOICE, will help the developers. Not only for Devs to canvas threads being posted which gives attention to them but with a VOICE of many fleets speaking together, this will help promulgate further development for future programming and allow STO to become a better game.

Starfleet Operations / Sto'Vo'Kor are up 24/7 and continues to have members active that nearly caps our membership on both sides. We are also up on Tribble as Beta Testers / Be'ta Testers to both fleets and have found a single channel like SFO channel to talk to both fleets / both servers.

UFC: though very attractive have a same and similar mission as PvPEC / PERC. We can of course unite as a fleet council, my concern may be only short lived however. Hope for the best and I know this will take time for all of us to talk on the same page.