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STO is a great looking game, and I love the space combat system, but I've been very very disappointed by the lack of Star Trekkish storylines and themes in the game. It seems more inspired by Starfleet Battles (the old strategy game) than any of the series. I suppose part of the problem is how to get all the new civilizations and cosmic beings and "human evolution" themes into an MMO, and into manageable and fun content.

I'm working on a design for a story generator, and I was wondering who amongst the Devs I would e-mail or pm the design to. I don't know if it could be used. Honestly, I live in dread that I'm like one of those awful American Idol contestants or fanboys who thinks their talent and/or project is stellar, when it is in fact quite abyssmal. Nonetheless, the game is suffering from a lack of "Trekkishness," and somebody somewhere needs to say something and do something. So why not me?

Anybody have any suggestions or directions? Who among the devs is in charge of this sort of thing?