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04-10-2010, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by fdei View Post
I enter the CE mission, some guys "scream" in the chat that people should focus on CE and not frags, keep distance, not lay mines, use all (de)buffs they can a.s.o.
Nobody listens...
Sometimes they also tell some crap about "normal" shards being fired on would heal it. Or that torps would be bad. Or that people should try to split large frags!

Oh, and I saw people firing for 1:30 h at the CE and (of course) frags, with the CE always between 98% and 100%, but not less. I finally left then. But I am sure they continued for another x hours... Ridiculous. And sad that it can be so hard and time-wasting.
But what is the real problem here? The fact that people refuse to follow a mix of mostly bad advice peppered with the occasional good piece of intel, or the fact that someone is giving bad advice to begin with? I'm pretty weary of people trying to condense their CE briefings down to 10 words or less; it often does more harm than good.

Don't shoot the Fragments? Bad advice. Particularly during phase 3 when killing Small Crystalline Fragments (SCF) should be everyone's number one priority. Aside from that, there's nothing wrong with killing the other normal Crystalline Fragments with any kind of weapon and Large Crystalline Fragments (LCF) with certain types of weapons. Shooting fragments doesn't heal the Entity. *Colliding* with LCFs produces several SCFs, which in turn return to the Entity and heal it. So if someone is orbiting the Entity and broadsiding it with beam weaponry while launching normal torpedoes out your otherwise dormant aft launcher to destroy packs of crystals following you.. awesome. Yet these people get yelled at by the ignorant.

Don't use mines? Bad advice. Avoid using mines during phase 3, but in the first two phases mines are probably one of the greatest tools available for keeping the Crystalline Fragment population under control, for the reason I listed above. However, you don't want to use them during phase 3 because mines (and high yield plasma torps, and tricobalt devices) are objects that can targeted. And if it can be targeted, then a LCF can collide with it - which is bad because LCF collisions create SCFs (the actual (and only) healing shards).

Focus on the CE? Not always the best advice. It should be the focus during the first two phases but your primary focus during phase three needs to be the SCF. You pumping 2k of damage into the Entity over the few seconds it would otherwise take to kill an SCF is not as important as killing the SCF that is about to heal the Entity for 10k+ health. This should be common sense. Also, "focus" does not mean "avoid multitasking". I can and do keep my beam weapons and forward torpedo launcher trained on the Entity while launching torpedoes or mines towards any crystals pursuing me, as should everyone else.

Keep distant? Great advice during phase 3 where the extra space gives us room to avoid new LCFs (and makes the SCFs have to travel a greater distance to return to the Entity), but not so hot advice in the earlier phases. The closer you can get to the Entity during phase 1 and 2, the more damage your weapons will be doing and the faster we get him out of phase 1 and 2. Advising people to get closer to the Entity during phase 1 and 2 and expand out to nearly 10 km as you approach phase 3 is more helpful advice, and not difficult instructions to follow.

All of this information is vital for the lower ranked tiers (frankly, if Admirals can simply solo the CE then the encounter is broken at that tier - one of the points of level banding the Fleet Actions is so they could remain challenging for a fleet at any rank. One ship should not be able to solo the CE encounter unless something is very wrong balance wise). Anyway, as I was saying.. this information is vital for the lower ranked tiers, and yet all too often it's mangled and condensed down to "shoot the entity only/don't shoot shards/don't use mines" - completely useless (and wrong, and even harmful) instructions.

Originally Posted by fdei View Post
Last time I say the CE killed was when I was still Lt. (as "spectator" if you want) and before Common Ground. A guy called "Wookie" with a nice Galaxy class ship had an impressive technique. Just stood there face to face with the CE, fired buffs and debuffs I couldn't determine at that time, and in a way accumulated ALL fragments around his ship, without impact or ???. Somehow reminded of flies smashed and sticking to a windscreen... (He also received CE's beam patiently...)

Maybe s.o. can explain his special technique to me? Wookie is like a legend to me now...
This only works when someone (or several ships) are locking down the Entity with Scramble Sensors 100% of the time. It takes a rotation of 3 Scramble Sensor if timed perfectly, more otherwise. When the Entity is debuffed with Scramble Sensors, it temporarily removes the collision element from the various types of crystalline fragments. That would allow this person to sit in a nest of CF's and LCF's and not cause them to explode due to collision.

And yet, in the scenario you described.. if for any reason someone failed to keep the Scramble Sensor rotation up, this fellow would have instantly died and every LCF in his nest would have exploded from collision proximity with his ship, which would have produced enough SCF to heal most of the Entity's health.

It was, frankly, a senseless gamble and a bad example to set. Because far too often this is where most of the SCFs come from - LCF collisions with ships parked so they can fire their forward arsenal at the Entity during phase 3. That is absolutely the wrong thing to do; everyone needs to put full power to their engines during phase 3 and move as quickly as possible at a maximum distance around the Entity. The LCFs travel faster than the normal fragments from the first two phases. 75% engine power won't cut it after phase 3. Not moving certainly won't cut it. People park 5 km out from the Entity and ignore the LCFs that slam into their ship, destroying their vessel, and somehow expect everyone else to be able to intercept the resulting numerous SCFs that are making the short return trip to the Entity. It's ridiculous.