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04-10-2010, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Flasherman View Post
This thread is, by far, the best thread. Can we have it framed for posterity?
I -am- convinced, however, this falls under Naming and Shaming. OP named Cappy, she shamed him. I honestly thought that, when I saw the thread title, it was either going to be a thread along the lines of "Capulet picked on me, she's mean!", or an embarrasing love sonnet in iambic pentameter. Luckily, we get a request for jiggling animated boobs, and THEN Cappy being mean to him.
Awesome, awesome thread.
Originally Posted by Hoplite View Post
I can only second my colleges thoughts on the matter, and contemplate on said jiggling boobs.
*two hand facepalm*
Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
And the Coderanger messages A nom nom nomalies
sorry i miss that one....
Originally Posted by Dekar_Corvus
free bumps? there not free...she has to work for them!
being on top is a LOT of work...
there ya go cappy...back on top ya go!
*re-reads that* yep he went there.... *another facepalm*

Ok, this has been the most useless, hysterically funny, and interesting thing I have read in a great while. Thank you all.
And feel free to look me up.