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04-10-2010, 01:36 PM
as said there is pvp FvF now.

However, all skills and powers (exception of cloak) that are available to klingons are also available and used by the federation as well.

as a klingon pvp'r i have had that purple stuff thrown at me (viral matrix) by more than one fed player.

i have also pvp's fed vs fed and have also had the stuff thrown at me. here are a couple suggestions to help counter

you already use sci team. if u see the purple dot headed your way, sci team before it hits you. sci team can remove the hold and adds damage resist to you shileds for a time.

if you are in an escort, use attack pattern omega. u can use it while held in viral matrix and makes you immone to holds and gives you a damage bonus.

other things of note - there has been talk of changing viral matrix so it disables a random subsystem that can be removed with eng team or sci team (not sure if they decided on which one).