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04-10-2010, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by GusPorterhouse
Howdy all, and thanks for coming.

In most MMO's, the fastest way to level is to spec for DPS. Crowd control, threat management, and even survival talents give way to being able to grind through enemies as quickly as possible. Does this hold true in STO? I'm currently playing Tac/Cruiser, but I do wonder if it wouldn't go more quickly if I used an Escort. Thanks!
Why would you want to level up so fast??? I don't bloody get you people. You're gonna be an RA so quick and then with nothing to do. Why not take your time and enjoy the game... rather than rushing through it like you're at work trying to finish a job fast enough...

Must say that this "fast & furious" approach to games perplexes me. Like on PSN when people purchase games only to acquire "trophies". What's the point, really?

I know this rant is slightly off topic, but figure it could serve as food for thought.

My 2 cents, and all that...