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04-10-2010, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by Combadge
But what is the real problem here? The fact that people refuse to follow a mix of mostly bad advice peppered with the occasional good piece of intel, or the fact that someone is giving bad advice to begin with? I'm pretty weary of people trying to condense their CE briefings down to 10 words or less; it often does more harm than good.

Ah, I remember reading your guide in another post on CE. Very good, and I think even better and more detailed than other famous ones found on the net.

Originally Posted by Combadge
And yet, in the scenario you described.. if for any reason someone failed to keep the Scramble Sensor rotation up, (Wookie) would have instantly died and every LCF in his nest would have exploded from collision proximity with his ship, which would have produced enough SCF to heal most of the Entity's health.

It was, frankly, a senseless gamble and a bad example to set. Because far too often this is where most of the SCFs come from - LCF collisions with ships parked so they can fire their forward arsenal at the Entity during phase 3. That is absolutely the wrong thing to do; everyone needs to put full power to their engines during phase 3 and move as quickly as possible at a maximum distance around the Entity. The LCFs travel faster than the normal fragments from the first two phases. 75% engine power won't cut it after phase 3. Not moving certainly won't cut it. People park 5 km out from the Entity and ignore the LCFs that slam into their ship, destroying their vessel, and somehow expect everyone else to be able to intercept the resulting numerous SCFs that are making the short return trip to the Entity. It's ridiculous.
You are right. But would it be possible, theoretically, that someone like Wookie installed 3 science BOs and continously fired "Scramble Sensors", thus being a single hero completely blocking the CE frags?

Could be an enjoyable task to create a char, a "prototype", exclusively suited to fight against CE, with perfect weapons, abilities, BOs a.s.o.
What would be the perfect choice for ship class (with respect to BO slots, hull strength, ...), char class, BOs (abilities...), weapons (read about disruptors as suitable for CE somewhere), shields (must withstand "the beam")...? A "CE solo fighter" role, similar to the ones buzzworded as "damage", "healing", ...

My thought: Having such a solo CE fighter with you could enable all other ships to in fact concentrate on the entity itself. "Noobs" would be irrelevant as frags would be mostly harmless.
And making so many many people happy to finally complete the CE mission