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04-10-2010, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by fdei View Post
Thanks a lot. Seems like I will also realign my priorities as science officer, sounds like fun. Many skills are already good for CE fight, according to your proposition. Tier 3 not far for me. Some day, this thing will fear me

Sure, a Galaxy class is not able to do all the magic stuff itself... I remember one time I saw it, the master science ship must have made a mistake. Because all (large) frags sticking to the aggroer suddenly destroyed him, with a swarm of small ones as thank-you... The sciencer even apologized to the whole fleet. Was it you?

I vaguely remember a player called Wookiee sticking around several rounds in one of my rooms in a Galaxy Class, so probably.

I've done this hundreds of times hopping from zone to zone and sometimes helping just one instance do repeats. Chances are, though, yeah it was me as I do apologize when I mess up. Then proceed to pummel it in to a coma.

I could be wrong though, I've seen a loooooooot of players come and go through my whoopin' sessions. I would farm it for MKIV blues to sell and intended to do the same on the admiral version.

Sadly, the Admiral one only drops MKIX blues instead of MKX and isn't even worth the time to farm it. Hence, I don't run it anymore unless a friend needs help with it. Currently I'm not even specced properly.