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04-11-2010, 05:55 AM
Originally Posted by AnnonSeek View Post
Just a quick question OP, I was reading thru some of your guide and am wandering if I choose to go escort with 100/25/25/50 why would I want to only use 50% shield strength or energy for my shield? I thought the object was for me to stay alive as long as I could and not just be cannon fodder?
Hi there,

At present, shield power only affects regeneration rate (one tick per 6 seconds), which is fairly useless in combat if you cannot survive a focus fire onslaught for 6 seconds. So dumping the remaining power into engines or AUX seems more appropriate, depending on skill investment and ability loadout.

However, Cryptic QA has informed us that they will be making changes to the power systems and, as one example, scaling shield damage resistance with shield power. These changes have not yet been implemented into the game, but, once they are, I will definitely re-word that section of the guide.

Thank you for your feedback, good catch there.