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04-11-2010, 06:03 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
The thing is ... even if they were MK X they'd mostly be vendor trash too.

Because most RA5's get their gear from requisitions. Especially if they're at the point where they're doing old fleet actions for fun.

If you got a MK X Postitron Deflector Array ... what would you do with it that'd be any different than a Mk IX?
Well I will break it down as best as I can.

MX X blues arent vendor trash, but MK IX are. This is because MK IX blue = MK X green. This is why, as you stated, "most RA5's get their gear from requisitions". However, MK X blues do sell, and are useful, because MK X blues > MK X greens you get from requisitions. The trouble is, the only way to get MK X blues is on STFs I believe. Even random drop world blues (EG one that might drop in B'tran) are vendor crap since they too are MK IX.

As for the "MK X Postitron Deflector Array" you referred to. Deflector arrays are one of the few useful epic items you can buy with the daily mission / STF badges, so a MK X blue array would indeed be quite useless.

The weapons that the badge vendors sell on the other hand are all antiproton/tricobalt and whatever. The trouble there is you lose so much speccing 9 points in, that to many, it just is not worth it to even use them over MK X greens.

In a nutshell, improving the loot in fleet actions gives you more variety in productive things to do at RA5 in a game that is severely lacking in them at max level.