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Name: Shiva Maya Mar'Tok
Race: Klingon
Gender: Female
Born: Stardate 66135.14 (12 July 2388)
Birth Place: Qo'noS
Carreer: Engineer Bridge Officer
Rank: Ensign
- Starship shield efficiency

Major Accomplishments:
- Became the first female successor of the House of Mar'Tok.

Shiva was born on stardate 66135.14 (12 July 2388) on Qo'noS, as the youngest child and second daughter of Krim Mar'Tok. As a daughter life was somewhat easier on her as a child then it was on her three older brothers and her older sister, but like Morpheus she was raised with an iron fist.

The House of Mar'Tok is one of the smallest houses represented in the Klingon High Council and one of the few Houses that is against the war with the Federation. Krim Mar'Tok already figured out a long time ago that it would be no point in letting Morpheus lead the House of Mar'Tok and to be its voice in the High Council. Considering his other 2 sons were a lot like Morpheus they weren't much of an option either and his oldest daughter had died at the age of 5 in an accident. Eventually Krim Mar'Tok came to the conclusion that his best bet was to appoint Shiva as his successor, breaking with a long standing tradition in his House where the oldest son would be appointed successor.
At the age of 15 Krim appointed his youngest daughter officially as his heir.
Shiva however had different plans. During her childhood she had heard many stories of her oldest brother persistance and devotion, not to mention his legendary stubborness and the many fights he got himself into. She never met her brother but was looking up a lot to him because of all the stories she had heard. It is because of this that she eventually became inspired to join Starfleet, even though this was much against her parents wishes. Considering the latest developments the conflict with the Federation would probably soon turn into a full blown war and they didn't want to risk losing their only daughter and successor of the House.

By the time Shiva was 17 the conflict between the Klingons and Federation was escalated completely. Her parents had already lost one child to Starfleet and didn't want to lose another one as well. Shiva only had her last name in common with Morpheus though, the difference between the two was like day and night. Where Morpheus was stubborn and always demanded things done his way Shiva was far more considerate to the needs of others and developed and level headed. Unlike most Klingons she was more interested in negotiating compromises and convincing others of her right by words, rather then by fighting things out. Her more politic minded mindset managed to convince her parents to let her join Starfleet. In return she had to promise that she'd bring Morpheus back as soon as possible and see if she could somehow negotiate treaties with the Federation for her House.

On stardate 83230.09 (16 August 2405) Shiva joined Starfleet Academy. She proved to be a very intelligent student who applied to her studies well. Like her brother she wanted to become an engineer to follow in his footsteps. After 4 years of training Shiva graduated from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign on stardate 87225.85 (14 August 2409). She specifically requested to join the USS Newton and her request was approved by Captain Harrison.
The encounter with her brother did not go as well as she had hoped, by called an annoying nosy brat by her own brother wasn't what she had expected when they would first meet. No matter how hard she tried to convince her older brother to give up his quest for revenge he would not listen and Shiva found out his legendary stubborness wasn't just a legend. He completely refused to listen to her and the following months were pretty tense whenever they were both present in the same room.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the Borg attacked the Vega colony. Shiva was assigned to bridge duty that day and it was one of the most terrifying days in her life. When she read on her console that the hull breached in engineering she almost went into shock, since she knew her brother was at work there. Luckily her training instantly took over and she put up a force field to prevent her colleagues and brother from getting sucked into the vacuum of space. Because of her fast reaction she saved a lot of people that day.
After the battle was over a wary Shiva looked up her brother and seeing his distraught little sister actually made him emotional as well, after all he owed his life to her quick reaction ability earlier that day. He comforted her to his best abilities and their relation started to improve from that point on.

On stardate 87786.04 (7 March 2410) Shiva and her brother transferred to the USS Corintha, after their requests were approved by Captain Nishka.