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Name: Catherine Nyssa Detul
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Born: Stardate 58491.24 (19 November 2380)
Birth Place: Betazed, Medara
Carreer: Science Bridge Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

- Quantum physics
- Artificial intelligence

Major Accomplishments:
- Hacked the mainframe of a Borg cube and shut down its vital system, enabling a group of Federation ships to kill the cube.

Catherine was born on stardate 58491.24 (19 November 2380) on Betazed in the capital city Medara. As a child she was always curious to how things work and with her above average intelligence this got her very interested in quantum physics at an early age. Most Betazoids are highly spiritual, but in Catherines case she was having more faith in science. While most kids would be playing outside she would be studying models and theories, trying to figure out the ideas behind them. She was by no means and introverted child though and regulary enjoyed the company of other children as well.
At the age of 16 she decided to join Starfleet on stardate 75124.18 (8 July 2397), having learnt all she could about her favorite subjects on Betazed.

During her time at the Academy she had the honour of meeting Captain Data and after a conversation with him she became very interested in artificial intelligence as well. After all how does one explain intelligence? Quantum physics wasn't giving her the answer to that question, so next to her quantum physics specialization she started to specialize in artificial intelligence too.

On stardate 77724.76 (13 February 2400) Catherine met Nishka at the Academy. Being both Betazoids they quickly became friends and Catherine showed Nishka around on the Academy.

On stardate 79182.27 (29 July 2401) Catherine graduated from Starfleet Academy at the top of her class with rank of Lieutenant junior grade. She was assigned to the USS Oakland the same day.

On stardate 82866.82 (5 April 2405) Catherine published an important paper with several brilliant insights to how artificial intelligence is created and how they can feel emotions. This paper allowed the researchers from Starfleet to follow up on some trails why several artificial intelligences had become unstable and find a cure for them, as an additional benefit it also allowed them to feel more emotion and compassion for the world around them. Her research was recgonized by Starfleet Command and she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant as a reward.

On stardate 87686.53 (29 January 2410) the Borg attacked the Vega colony. The USS Oakland was one of the ships protected by a shield that was erected from USS Montreal. Captain Ji'vra ordered full power to the weapons in an attempt to destroy the Borg cube.
Catherine had been working on decrypting Borg transmissions the past hour and suddenly found an opening to the mainframe of the Borg cube. Through this she managed to hack the mainframe of the cube and shut down the shields and several other essential systems, doing as much damage as she could to the cube from within.
Unfortunately the weapons of the cube didn't go down and infact they seemed to be getting more power. The Collective also became aware of her actions and halted her infiltration into the cubes systems. The cube slowly started to regenerate and bring back all its systems back online. Because of the extra energy that was available to the weapons of the cube it managed to bring down the shield of the USS Montreal.
After that things went quickly, captain Ji'vra barily had enough time to yell "Emergency power to the shields, brace for impact!" before a salvo of plasma torpedoes started to damage the ship.
The hull of the USS Oakland was severely damaged with multiple hull breaches across the ship. Catherine luckily only had some bruises and minor cuts but most other members of the crew were not that lucky and had severe injuries. Catherine pulled herself back up and brought the hazard emitters online, repairing the hull breaches and extinguishing the plasma fires that had appeared all over the ship. The ship seemed to be in pretty bad shape, but was still able to continue fighting.
After the initial shock of what had happened wore off most bridge consoles were manned again and the USS Oakland continued to fire on the cube, giving it all she had.
Some other Federation ships joined in as well and one of them got a lucky shot off with a torpedo and managed to take down the cubes weapon systems.
Catherine decided to give her hack another try and found a weakness in the cubes communication grid which she managed to abuse. This time she didn't go for the shield systems but instead decided to overload the power grids inside the cube, bring all its auxiliary power down. This caused a domino effect that eventually brought down all the power in the cube.
Floating defenseless in space it was like a sitting duck for the remaining Federation ships who fired all their remaining torpedoes at the cube, destroying it completely soon afterwards.
Even though the primary source of trouble was now out of the way the ship was still in a very bad shape and using all power to the weapons didn't do much good for the hull integrity. Captain Ji'vra sent out a distress signal and ordered everybody who could to help the injured crew to safer parts in the ship.
Approximately fifteen minutes laters the USS Vulcania beamed all surviving members aboard. When Catherine learnt that it was her old friend Nishka who is captaining the ship she requested immediate transfer so she could continue to fight the Borg. Her request was immediately accepted by her captain who rather saw her skills being put to good use instead of waiting for a new ship from were they could continue the fight.
Catherine and Nishka hugged each other, happy that they both survived the attack. They immediately went to business right after that though and dropped all the remaining crew from the USS Oakland off at the USS Seacole so that they could be treated for their injuries. They succesfully continued with their mission after that.

On stardate 87730.44 (14 February 2410) Catherine was promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Admiral Quinn after a recommendation from Captain Nishka. She was also put in charge of the science division aboard the USS Corintha.