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04-11-2010, 05:20 PM
just wait, rumor in tv land states that since the succes of new latest Star Trek movie, and, can u believe it, this game, people are talking about a new Star Trek series, BUT, not with the Federation as a focal point.

Like I said, it is hear say from forums left and right, but the buzz is getting a bit louder, would love to see some tv series episodes FROM a Klingon perspective, or Rumulan, or Cardassian, with their morals and ways of doing things, interloping in one story thread just from race specific viewpoints.

Federation solely adventures have been done and DONE, time for some fresh perspective, and personally, I really hope the rumors for once are true.

IF it is real, a lot more attention will be given to Klingon ships, classes, details etc, from which then STO can simply refer from.