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04-12-2010, 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Actually it takes a lot of time, because all the non-klingon and non-starfleet ships are not at all set up for the games ship system, that involves mixing and matching parts and would just not work with stock federation ships.
That's not really an issue, actually. They can be seperately purchased ships that only have 1 part!

Hell, I think the Cardassian ships currently ingame should be added to the other sides as extremely rare loot from specialized quests..

For example, the Galor and Keldon could be rare rewards from a DS9 mission (maybe a mixed PvE/PvP 10v10) with the stats of the K'Tinga and Vor'Cha, respectively.

As for the whole klingons/ferengi in Starfleet dealy:

After DS9, the Klingons and Federation's relationship was better than ever, with the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation a Starfleet officer himself. This COULD give the image, that joining Starfleet could be an honourable endeavour for any klingon warrior.

Also, Rom took to the throne of Grand Nagus, ruler of a Ferenginar already extensively changed by Zek and Moogie. One where the rules of acquisition have given away quite a bit to more 'democratic' values. So it's propable that more Ferengi youngsters would join Starfleet, due to having been raised on said more 'democratic' values than their ancestors.