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04-12-2010, 05:45 AM
Zek's and Rom's reforms were never actually shown. DS9 ended with Rom becoming Nagus and Zek retiring with Ishka. In non-canon literature (which is where all reforms come from), the consequences of these reforms look a bit different than your utopia.
The Ferengi economy was thrown into chaos and remained a divided society, with some companies/political parties stickling to the old ways and not allowing females to work or do business with them; and liberal groups, partly female-only or female-friendly companies. As a result, many female Ferengi took advantage of the new laws, but many males still protest this long after the reforms went through.

In other words, that's only a reason for female Ferengi to run to the Federation. Parts of the male population (and hinted also some females, like Rom's first wife Prinadora) still follow the old way, and would not join Starfleet because the Federation supported Rom aka what brought Ferenginar to fall in their eyes.

Hence Ferengi should be more neutral and divided. It is more likely that males would support the KDF out of sheer protest against the Federation, or work as spies to sell them out to any enemy that comes around (not neccessarily KDF, could also be Romulans, Cardassians, whoever else has unfinished business).

IF the devs already had Klingon ships for the other tiers ready... They would have realesed them with the 2 now available. What reason would there be to not do that, other than not having them?

Some people here should scroll up and look what the game is called. Its still not Starfleet or Federation Online. Its Star Trek, and Star Trek is also about a damn lot other species and factions than humans. Just because I dislike Federation ship design, it doesn't mean I dislike starships in general. As I said, I like a lot alien ships, on both sides; and I'm not alone with that. Its not that your taste is better or something, its just different and I see no reason why people with a different shouldn't get a ship they like.