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04-12-2010, 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
So what? Like I've said a thousand times, it's 30 years in the future from all the shows, what goes and what doesn't can be rewritten at a whim to suit the needs of players here. Get over that.
Your wrong, there are a lot of Canon continuity that cannot be violated.
All new episodes cryptic makes, even the color of the weapons has to be approved by CBS/Paramount.
So it definatley can not be rewritten on a whim.

30 years into the future? What does that matter? there is no precedent for non-starfleet ships in starfleet, which in trek timeline has been around for centuries.
Its completely illogical to even suggest it, as why would starfleet waste their personell on inferior ships?
Ship building has never been a problem for starfleet, manning them however has.