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04-12-2010, 07:49 AM
Normally, I'm forgiving of a movie adaptation to a book that I like...

But I'm terrified of a Dark Tower movie. It's my favorite book series ever. Why am I terrified? Stephen King allowed them to change the end of "The Mist" for the movie adaptation. While I understand that the movie needed a "proper ending" to get mass appeal, it ruined it, in my opinion.

What changes will he concede to in order to make the Tower more accessible to a film audience? I guarantee that they'll change the ending... even in his book, he said that many people won't like it, but it was the only way it could have ended.

I've always said that, if a movie were to be made, I'd want it to be animated. Live-action will have a terribly hard time capturing the fantastical world that I see in my mind. (With Michael Whelan's artwork to help, of course.)