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04-12-2010, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
Found the thread. Your searchfu is weak Daevan-san. Mr. Miyagi is displeased. He is gonna make you go back to waxing cars soon.

And my stats were:
STR: 11
DEX: 17
CON: 13
INT: 17
WIS: 16
CHA: 15

And my alignment is apparently chaotic good.
Pah, maybe Mr. Miyagi stumbled a bit in his training, ever thought of that? :p

An Int of 17? Wisdom of 16?! Do you hear that fluttering sound? That's the sound of my pride flying out the window. Guess I am just suited to be a second-in-command.

...At least I'm still beating Cap.