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04-12-2010, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by Vuk View Post
I'm simply amazed that people are surprised by this. After twelve months of either stonewalling or just lip service to Klingons this comes as a revealation ? Really ?
My guess, the same reason that they think nerfing science consoles and not addressing how that affects the overall game, when compared at least to tactical captain + escort, or saying VM is OP, or unremovable, but neglecting not that there is more than 1 debuff it removes, and those debuffs can be stacked. Heck, how about that going in 1 x 1 into a KDF/FEdball = win....

This pattern seems to have started back during the closed beta, and hasn't changed since. Logic would dictate that they either don't give a darn, or don't know how to fix it. Probably both. If they want to keep this going, they might want to look at D&DO, and remove the monthly fee. Then at least they'll have a playerbase before the year is up, 'cus right now, they'll be lucky to make it past the summer.