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04-12-2010, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Icenica
Hey all

go check out the interviews craig has given recently

First interview talks about current priorities and season 2, no mention of klingon content in either
Second mentions klingons Briefly and no dates or any detail

They are apparently very happy with the launch and the current state of the klingon faction

If I wrote what I felt about those interviews I would be banned, so I wont lol
Um, actually, he does mention Klingon content in the subspace radio interview:

"Concerning future spacebourn assets and content, will we ever see non starfleet vessels? Federation race specific or Privateer type vessels, for example?

We’re not planning on expanding the Federation gameplay into non-military factions (traders, privateers, etc.) in the short term. We’re planning on expanding the Klingon faction’s PvE content in the nearterm, and then we’re going to look at other playable factions. Adding privateer or trader gameplay is something that we’ve thought about, but we don’t expect a huge update there within the first year.

Beyond the (speculated) Cardassians and Romulans, what could the next two playable races likely be?

I think talking about that is premature, just a couple months from launch. We’re focusing on the Federation and Klingon factions right now. I think (DJ) Milam Garak is referring to the factions page on the official site, which we’ll be updating as time goes on. Bear in mind: Just because something is a faction doesn’t mean it’s a playable one."

We shall yet see how much they add...