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04-12-2010, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by gn33101 View Post
I'm loving STO, but I do get frustrated with the game when I can't figure out how to do things.

Today it is the "Ship Costume" from the C-Store.

What does it look like? No info.

I buy it, now what?
Is it in my Inventory? no,
can I customize my ship with it? no,
do I equip it at the ship vendor? no.

Frustration is setting in, I Beam back to my ship and try to use it or even FIND the %$#@ costume.

No luck.

I search the forums for "ship costume" and get no useful information, except 1 user that posted a screen shot of it, at least now I know what it looks like.

I still can't activate it or even know where it is.

Developers, am I getting through to you yet? Yes, I know YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS, couldn't you share the info? A page on the STO website called "SHIP COSTUME" with pics and info would be nice. A pop-up box in the c-store or a link would be good, call it "Info about this item" It's not (no pun intended) Rocket Science.

I've run across many similar frustrations, applying skill points, training officers, assigning skills to officers, trying to equip weapons on my ships.

We need more Help to figure out HOW to use your excellent game, and avoid frustration.

BTW, I still don't know how to equip my ship costume.
Um, did you notice how it said the type of ship these variants are for? Both of the CStore ship variants are for the Admiral level starships. One is for the Assault Cruiser. The other is for the Advanced Escort. You need to be an Admiral to be able to use them. So, if you're trying to use them on a Captain or a Commander you're not going to find them.

All you had to do is look at the CStore description and then go to the Ship Listings on the main site. It's pretty obvious.