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04-12-2010, 06:03 PM
I enjoyed the end of this mission. I decided to side with the Captain after talking to them both, here's what I thought:

1. Drake had no proof of the Captains identity or the actual cause of the crews condition. Way too much guesswork, so it wasn't a factor in my choice. I've seen enough Star Trek episodes to know that the cause for telepaths going mad can be pretty much anything the writer can dream up. :p

2. Neither of them said anything compelling that wouldn't have be said by an Undine try to maintain it's cover. Even in the mission with Zelle, it was the the overall situation that made me suspicious...nothing Zelle actually said was out of place or character for a Starfleet Admiral who thought the Romulans were up to no good.

3. I actually walked back over to check Drakes rank, but he was a Captain as well.

4. Drakes previous behavior was sorta a non-issue for me. He's basically Black Ops, that's how they roll.

5. Ultimately, I had to go with the more dangerous target. I guessed that an Undine in Drakes position would be capable of causing far more damage than the Captain of some random Light Cruiser.

There were some things I didn't take into account that I probably should have, like target accessibility and saturation, but it was still fun to sit and think about it for a while.

The one thing that really ticked me off about the mission [besides the Engineers] was the fact that after being warned to speak of this to nobody and threatened with a court martial and worse, my character goes and blabs about it when I turned the mission in. Would have been nice if had had been given to option to keep silent or be a tattle-tale when reporting to Starfleet.