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04-12-2010, 08:33 PM
So to shed a little light on why you're not seeing new content NOW:

What you guys are seeing in now is stuff that was being worked on during open beta and in the few weeks after launch.

The art team had more time during this period because of what we call "art freeze." Their work for launch had to be done early so that it could be loaded on the discs and you wouldn't have a massive patch when you installed the game.

The content team wasn't frozen -- it was working on issues up until launch and after, so we didn't have much time for "new." But we weren't going to send the artists home to watch Spongebob for six weeks, so they worked on making new ships and a lot of the art heavy things you see now in Season 1.

Post launch, one of my big tasks was writing stories for the Klingon star clusters, because that was something we wanted to get in as soon as possible. Now that the clusters are live, *and* the content designers have some more time for new Episodes, *and* we've freed up some of the artists and systems designers to make new and awesome art and villians, we can work on things that we've been wanting to do and you've been wanting to see -- like Klingon Episodes.