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04-12-2010, 09:45 PM
I also took the Capt. side, neither one gave any clues that I could see in the questioning that would identify either of them as the Undie. Also I had no reason to trust Drake.

Drake lied to me once in a previous mission were he used me to get into the Romulan empire or something, then all of a sudden he just shows up in Cardassian space with this odd tale about a whole crew going crazy, and he "mysteriously" escapes, yeah right.

Fool me once shame on him, fool me twice shame on me.

I would had liked to had seen a special mission get unlocked depending on your choices. If you chose Drake then there shadow agency would give you a mission to work for them. If you sided with the Capt. then you would get a mission related to whatever overcame the crew.

I probably would had been more inclined to side with Drake if most of his interview responses weren't basically "Why are you asking me this? Just arrest the other guy already", not a very compelling argument.