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04-12-2010, 11:41 PM
Female Ferengi (pretty or not, matter of taste) make some canon-sense in the Federation. Male Ferengi don't. Not really. But that's a completely different issue.

I can't say I play characters generally seen as 'sexy' or 'pretty'. If I want sexy pretty characters, I can go to Second Life and open a lab dance bar or something. Star Trek isn't about being pretty. I can imagine in a scifi setting, the demand for more exotic looking aliens, especially 'monster' looks, would get some more attention. I mean, the demand is there, Gorn seem very popular and they are the species that mostly qualifies as 'monster looks'.
I play a Lethean because he looks canon. From my favourite species (those available in the game), Letheans are the closest to canon. Ferengi have wrong traits and don't belong in the Fed faction; Nausicaans simply look wrong and the super-limited customization doesn't let me make them look right. Not even close to right.
My long-time roleplay character is a female half-Nausicaan, yet I can't even make that with the alien creator because the teeth aren't there for female. Same for Lethean. I really looked foreward to play her, but alas, won't happen. No Nausicaan Raider for me, no Nausicaan teeth for me, no Nausicaan hair for me, no uniform that doesn't scream KDF Walmart for me. 2 years working out a roleplay character, detailed Nausicaan culture, pirate codex, language... just to not be able to use it in the game.

I see how the general tone of STO appeals to the 'typical Star Trek roleplayer'. Everyone wants to be a captain; in every forum, every magazine, you see the ads of yet another forum or mailing list roleplay setting, and its always a Starfleet Captain, always looking for a crew, and best this yet-to-be-found crew is human, Vulcan or some other popular Fed species.
Its no surprise that the KDF players - who obviously don't fit into this typical Trek roleplayer profile - are unhappy.