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04-12-2010, 11:44 PM
Originally Posted by CPTBenjamin View Post
Most people who watched DS9 will realize this mission is a take-off of the episode "In The Cards".
See now if they would had done the quest like in that episode, it would had been awsome. There is no using a Barter system when you have to buy the items off a vendor.

I think the original intension was to make a energy credit sink, but all it did, was effect the economy making a viable market for the people who knew what the quest needed, and offering it on the exchange for twice what they are worth. Good business for them, but it defeates the whole point of the quest.

They started it off pretty good, but it seems they skiped a step so you can get the self-sealing stem bolts by doing someone else a favor. Maybe they ran out of time in making the quest, and just had to "make do" I just hope they can make some quests that actually follow the "Barter syatem" story line without making them a "Just buy it off the exchange" type quests.