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04-13-2010, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by Hawks View Post
Indeed there were many ships that IMO FASA allowed for Klingon Academy and Starfleet Command 2.
To have at least some of them still stick around would be cool.
Nope, the models in KA and the SFC models were completely new from Interplay.
The only connection to another company was the fact that the SFC games used the game mechanics and ship charts from Star Fleet Battles, which is NOT FASA but ADB (Amarillo Design Buerau).
However the ships in SFC looked totally different from the ones in SFB, although names, specs and in-service-dates are the same...well not exactly the same since SFB uses a different timeline and the dates were converted to modern Trek dates.
In any case FASA had nothing to do with any of this...

Oh and to add to the confusion: many models that appeared in SFC also appeared (slightly improved) in KA where they had completely different names, stats and functions.
This was because though Interplay reused the models the entire backstory is completely different since KA is played against the backstory of canon Trek up to Star Trek VI (Sulu in command of the Excelsior, the Praxis explosion and Chang's betrayal are hinted at) while SFC uses the totally different SFB-story about a war between the Feds, Klings etc.