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04-13-2010, 02:15 AM
I wasn't sure what to think when I read your post, but after tonight, I get what you mean very well.

As a Fed flying a Tier 2 Escort, I entered a match with three escorts and a cruiser on our side, 2 BoP, 2 Raptors and a K'Tamco BC. A reasonably fair match IMHO.

Unfortunately, on my side, it was every man for himself. I tried to get us together, but no dice. The end result, no focused fire and group presence, arriving on the scene one at a time, getting gang...well, you know...and picked off one by one. There were a couple of times when all of us were together with the enemy in sight. When I moved forward to engage, nobody followed and I became the crunchy granola in a Klingon's breakfast bowl.

No support either. There simply wasn't enough of us in there at a time to even try to help each other.

The Klingon's on the other hand were well coordinated, supported each other with abilities and weapons fire. Not a one of them was isolated...each covered someone else's tail. I was impressed, a thing of beauty to behold, even as I was the entertainment at the Klingon Independence Celebration. If I could have, I would have joined the Klingons.

Lessons learned here for me. Nice post.