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Wouldn't it have been funny if during an episode of The Next Generation:

Bridge of U.S.S. Enterprise; NCC 1701-D (Exploration Cruiser):

Cpt Picard: Mr. Worf, Fire all Phasers and Full compliment of torpedoes (HYTIII)

Cmdr. Worf: I am sorry Sir, this console only allows me to overload our phasers and fire a partial compliment of torpedoes (HYTII).

Cpt Picard: Your a Commander for goodness sakes, You were trained at Starfleet Academy (HYTIII trained to level 9) how to fire the full compliment of torpedoes.

Cmdr. Worf: Sorry Sir, maybe when we upgrade to the Assault Cruiser I will be able to fire our full compliment of torpedoes.

Cpt Picard: Data disable their ship (VMIII) while we beam the colonists aboard.

Data: Okay Captain, yet I must inform you I can only disable their systems for 10.12321451 seconds (VMI), this console doesn't allow me to disable them for 15.2345624.... (VMIII)

Capt Picard: Yes Data i get it, will that be enough time to beam up the colonists?

Data: Sorry Sir, even using the cargo bay transporters we will require 12.5 seconds to beam all the colonists up.

Capt Picard: *sigh* okay, Evasive Maneuvers helmsmen....

Crewman: Sorry sir, just used Evasive Maneuvers it wont be ready for another 30 seconds.

All kidding aside, I understand the limitations of the game, yet I cant help but feel extremely hampered by the restrictions placed on BO Consoles. I think that for Merits that we should be able to upgrade either an entire console or a at least choose which skill to place in that console location.

Solution 1) You pay 500 Merits* to upgrade an Ensign Console to a Lt Console. You pay 1000 Merits* to upgrade a Lt Console to a Lt. Cmdr Console...etc.

Solution 2) You pay 500 Merits* to be able to use a Lt BO ability in an Ensign Station. You pay 1000 Merits* to use a Lt Cmdr BO ability in a Lt Station...etc.***

*These are arbitrary costs, I chose them because they i feel are pretty reasonable (to each his own, I realize that may be expensive to someone else, but it shouldn't be 1 Merit either).

***Purchasing the ability to choose the skill remains in effect for the console, should you decommission the particular officer, whom ever you choose to replace him, you can still choose which abilities to use.

I can see both these upgrades being tied with the ship. Associating the upgrade to the ship allows you to switch BOs in and out with different abilities. Yet allows you to keep the Upgrade. I can see this not really useful on any ship below a Captain level, but it gives us more flexibility as Captains and Rear Admirals. Afterall I think it is ridiculous that as a Captain, My BOs are all Cmdrs, yet for most of them I can only use 1 or 2 out of 4 abilities.