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# 1 Aid the Planet. Why?
04-13-2010, 05:55 AM
I like the concept behind this mission but the way it is designed within the game it is far too prohibitive to actually do, for a number of reasons. One, a mission like this requires you to either farm like mad, go to station to buy the parts at hyper-inflated costs, or use up inventory which frankly could be far more useful elsewhere. I recognize there might be an rp perspective behind this, but the regularity with which this scanner mission hits just doesn't make sense.

I suggest that the inventory required to aid aforementioned planet should be made a lot cheaper, and that perhaps the gameplay could be a little more interesting? Just running up to a planet and handing off highly expensive items for no exp or even a type of renown in return seems a bit much. I realize the idea behind starfleet helping these people is to be noble and helpful and all those wonderful things, but it is a game, and those aren't real people. It would be nice if either the rewards were commensurate with the effort, or the acquisition of parts for the Aid the planet were not so prohibitive.

Secondly, I'd like to see a diplomatic mission that's a little more intriguing than this. There's a couple I can think of through the regular storyline, but this one needs fleshing out. Of course I know our devs have this in mind, but I thought I'd touch on the point of what's wrong with Aid the Planet and why people flee like mad away from it.

Does anyone else feel the same way? I've run into so many groups of people who told me about this, and I've thought it myself. Especially after running into three needy planets in a row all desiring industrial this or stem bolt that. I've wondered a long time why I haven't seen anyone post on this in here, because I dont' think anyone does these missions. Go ahead and datamine this one Cryptic. I think you'll find we mostly flee it. The concept isn't bad, It just needs a reworking.