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I have the same problem at the moment. I wanted to change a skill of one of my female bridge officers (her rank: commander). First i changed her space cmdr. skill to "viral matrix II". That worked fine. Then i wanted to change her space lt.cmdr. skill (which is still "viral matrix I"), but i cant. I get always the messages like Paratus6.

Further more, i cant even spend more bridge officer skill points to the changed "viral matrix II" skill. I get the message that it "interferes with her rank", but that cant be, because my science bridge officer was promoted to the rank of commander a long time ago, so that skill should be avaiable to her.

Like Paratus6, i have enough credits and skill points, so i am wondering now, why this is happening.

By the way: I was trying to change her skill with one of the other science bridge officers (the mission rewards), but that wasnt working either. The officer disappeard, but her skill is still the same.

Or is there maybe a limit of bridge officer points you can spend (in total or per rank)? My female science officer got 10000 points in total now, and i am at the rank of Captain 7. So maybe i can spend a little more points on here, if i am Admiral, but thats just a guess from me at this moment. Would be nice if someone could bring some light to this.