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# 1 Khitomar Accord Hints.
04-13-2010, 02:31 PM
Updated: We beat the mission tonight. Updating tips.

Ok, gang. I want to start a thread on tips, hints and strats to help everyone beat this thing. I'll start, if anyone has anything else to add, please do as it is the entire purpose of this thread.

Borg Buildup: We have discovered that Probes ignore all aggro. No matter what you do they will not direct any attention on you, they head straight for the gate no matter what. Destroy them first. The Spheres on the other hand will aggro. They will aggro as soon as you attack them, and once they aggro, it seems as though they lose any and all interest at heading to the gate...indefinitely.

One problem with this, is without enough DPS, the Spheres become over whelming. Got one gate down to 76%. Destroying the Tac Cube next to the gate creates an explosion that takes out a good chunk of health. Also, ramming speed from my Star Cruiser does an additional 7.7K damage. Leaving the gate at roughly 89%. From that point was a struggle just to get it down to 76% at which point we get over whelmed by Spheres.

We beat it. Here is how we did it. We put two Cruisers on one gate while keeping two Tactical Ships and one Science vessel on the other gate. The DPS team made fast work of their probes and Spheres and had enough time to come over and help our Cruisers finish off the last couple Spheres on our side. I timed the gates using a stop watch and let everyone know when the gates were going to repop with a 1 minute warning, 30 second warning and then a 10 second warning. (From the point when the gates first drop the shields, the timer for the next shield drop is exactly three minutes.) That way it gave the DPS team time top get back to their side and do their thing.

Once the first gate was destroyed, out comes two Borg Cubes pop out along with a whole mess of other Borg ships. No problem, easy fix. Remember, I was on an Engineer using a Star Cruiser...I grabbed aggro of both Cubes and pulled them away from the rest of the group giving them easy access to destroy the other Borg ships and finish off the last gate. While they were doing this, I simply kited the Cubes away from the team and made sure the Cubes never lost aggro on my ship. Do not destroy them, if you do, two more will spawn to replace them, just keep kiting them and make sure their aggro is focused on your Tank. Once the gate was down, we destroyed the Cubes and moved on to Phase two. Rest of the mission is pretty easy to figure out, nothing extremely hard. Once you guys get passed that part, you should have no issue figuring out the rest.

Also, one last thing. I forget the name of them, but there are these simi tunnels with green lights in the center of them setting off to the side of a corridor. There will be three total throughout the ground mission. If you climb inside the first one you come across, and let it kill you, it grants you an accolade.

So, recap...

1: Use Tac Cube and divert the cube to the gate for an initial burst damage
2: Use when possible ramming speed for an additional burst damage to the gate.
3: Probes first, they will not aggro and have one objective only; reach the gate.
4: Spheres *will* aggro. Once they aggro they lose interest in the gate, even if there is nobody to fight.
5: Kite the Borg Cubes away from the second gate once the first gate has been destroyed. Do not destroy them or more will just spawn to replace them.

This post was made by Josen. If my Strat does not work, try's a bit more detailed.

Primary objectiv: Prevent Probes to get to the temporal Center Gate.
Secondary objective: Destroy Transwarp Gates.
Finally: Destroy all Borg.

“Left Gate”; transwarp gate
“Center Gate”; temporal gate
“Right Gate”; transwarp gate

Tactics - Roll The Dice

Two teams as follows:
Team Left: 1 excort ship (highest DPS) by the Left Gate.
Team Right: 4 ships by the Right Gate.
Need one designated timer: the whole event is on a 3 minute timer; after three minutes have passed the shields will drop and reinforcement Borg will come through the gates.
The shield stays down for 15 seconds.
One player will track this 3 minute cycle and warn everyone.

Assault (Both teams)
- Kill initial group of borg at the Center Gate
- [Edited] OPTION: THIS IS NO LONGER AN OPTION BUT COMON SENCE BUT LEAVE THE TACTICAL CUBE FOR LAST. THE 3 MINUTE TIMER STARTS WHEN THIS LAST CUBE IS KILLED MEANING THAT THE SHIELDS ON THE GATE DROP AND THE BORG SHIPS COME BEFORE THE CUBE ACTUALLY EXPLODES (as we all know a Cube does not explode right away). (I think that the timer will start as soon you kill the last remaining Borg ship what ever kind of ship it may be; done this a few times now and it works like a charm)
Pull the Borg Tactical Cube close to the RIGHT GATE (not the left, cuz the Right Gate is nearest the Center Gate); it will take a big % from the gate and will explode among its own Borg ships and take all or most of them down in the explosion. Its important not to pull the Cube against the gate it self cuz you could get the situation that it cant be attacked; remember the ships stuck in rocks in some past missions? Do not attack it from behind the gate either as not to unintentionaly pull it to that side of the gate.
When the Cube explodes the timer starts this means that there are also Borg ships that have come out of the Left Gate. Since the timer just started all the ships can take part in this Left Gate cleanup and still have enough time left to take their positions again at the Right Gate. Offcourse AFTER the shields at the Right Gate have raise again and there are no probes there.

TO TEST: pull the second Cube to the other gate keeping it alive and synchronize its destruction with the Tactical Cube. Then you get both gates and ships in one go, you never know

Team Right
- Will position themselves behind the gate as not to immediatly aggro Spheres when they come through. This only applies after the Cube tactic mentioned above.
- (Option) Who has mines deploys them at the Borg gate spawn or the direct path to the Center Gate.
- Will fire on the gate when its shields drop, to try and do as much damage as they can before the shields raise.
- Once the shields raise they will fly through the gate and destroy all the borg that came out...
- ... starting with the probes and ignoring the spheres for now.
- Full impulse to help Team Left... Probes First.
- Once they have helped or when the timer calls for it, full impulse back to Right Gate and regroup.
- Repeat this tactic until the gate is dead.

Team Left
- Will stay on target and not leave the Left Gate.
- Will position himself behind the gate as not to immediatly aggro Spheres when they come through.
- Will fire on the gate...
- Who has mines deploys them in the path from the Left gate to the center gate.
- As there is only one he will need to target the Borg that come out immediately.
- Again as above, probes first, spheres last with buffs to confuse spheres and keep you protected from them.
- Remember the Cavalry will come to the rescue and will clear anything that is still left, so keep at it.
- NOTE: you are alone so its very important not to engage the Spheres until the Probes are dead.

Final Assault Left Gate
- Now once that is done, some cubes will arrive in the next group.
- Both Teams should group up by the Left Gate
- Take out ONE of the cubes, but not the second (if you kill both cubes they will just respawn and this makes things alot more tricky).
- One of the group (probably low DPS sci or cruiser) should get aggro off the remaining cube
(by being the only person shooting at it) and then drag it well away from the gate so that it doesn't bother the other members of the team.
- Remaining team 4/5, will fire on the gate when its shields drop, to try and do as much damage as they can before the shields raise. Kill the Probes first then the Spheres.
- Repeat this tactic until the gate is dead.
- Final Cleanup: Kill the last Cube.

Sometime later I will be posting the strat for the ground mission as well.