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04-13-2010, 04:57 PM
I'm glad the issue is getting discussed, and I do know that it's going to be covered on an upcoming podcast on Neutral Zone (

At the same time, it does seem like other issues are getting way more forum time than this nerf. If people could spread the word, especially those of you who have come across this and feel as strongly about how bad of an idea this whole mess is as I do, it would really be great.

In my fleet I've referred to this entire deal as the "Golden Ticket" Issue. While balancing an MMO is always a challenge, at no point is it ever ok to give a class or group of player an unfair advantage.

And while I know that dstahl did give a rationale for the decision, namely

The decision was made high up (and not lightly) to grandfather the existing science consoles and ensure they no longer drop instead of replacing existing consoles on players ships.
that does not mean that it's a good decision that should not be revisited, altered, or completely undone.