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04-13-2010, 04:09 PM
The thing is, that's not a rationale, that's saying a decision was taken, not why the decision was taken. Nor why players were not consulted first...

I haven't met anyone that agrees with this change, and I am speaking as someone who borrowed money from friends to buy consoles, I am ok this is not jealously, I just seriously think this is very unfair on new players to make their ships half as effective whilst we get double, and also sucky if you want to make alt characters it's very offputting that you know it will never be as good as your original.

And as Cryptic have said before they actually want people to create alt characters (hence the skill cap too which is a good thing because it protects against the same unfair advantages for people that have been playing longer), because it keeps people playing!

Xakhareth I would vote for you on the council... if only because our other "podcast" representative does not seem to take much interest in us "lowlifes" and "haters" in the forums (which is the same as saying it about STO players on a whole since there's crap all community outside fleets in-game) and does not deign to mix with us instead keeping with their inner circle on their own website...