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04-13-2010, 04:24 PM

you're completely's not a rationale, more a blunt statement of fact.

Points to dstahl for directness, but gosh I'd love to hear why this as-yet-unnamed higher-up made this call.

I don't know any MMO I've played since EQ that wouldn't have it's players /facepalming on this one.

Re: the podcast and Advisory...

It's not a podcast I'm on, I know those who do it since they are fleeties. And, since this whole sci console debacle has been one I've been grousing about in our fleetchat ever since I found out about it, they mention it in their next 'cast.

In the meantime I'm just giving this thread a bit o' a nudge in the hopes that people who feel this whole deal was boneheaded can use this thread to let the devs and Cryptic know that...politely, of course.

That darn Advisory Council....your vote of confidence is appealing, but I'd wanna stay outta that whole deal. Heck, someone would google me and find something compromising I did at some point with my father's razor...

No thanks!