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04-13-2010, 07:12 PM
My group consisted of 2 sci, 2 tac, and one engineer.

First we cleared out everything already there, including the Tactical Cube. We didnt pull it to the gate or anything to do initial damage, didnt know about it, but it sounds like a helpful idea for future runs.

We then split up into 2 teams, 1 sci and 1 tac on one gate, and the rest on the other. Before the gate droped, we put Tricobalt mines right where everything spawns. When the gate shields drop, the escorts dpsed it, while the science vessels used Tyken's Rift on the Probes to slow them down, lower their shield power and engines, the Tricobalt mines did significant damage to them, and the Sci also used Scramble Sensors on the Spheres, then tried to dps the transwarp gate if there was time. After the shield went up, it was simple cleanup, starting with the Probes.There were a few deaths, but that part of the mission was easy.

The next section is simple, just dps the borg vessels. Then the ground part... its really simple to begin with, just a huge amount of high level borg to deal with... its easy to get overwhelmed here. Eventually you get to a vast area with a teleportation device that brings you to an *almost* empty room. In the center of the room is a clickable device that will drop shields in the previous huge room. You need to keep one person here to control which shields to drop, and the other four will have to take out the device in the shield once it drops. The time is pretty fast, so make good use of exposes for this part.

Unfortunatly, this is as far as we got before one of our group mates dropped out.

As a warning to others, in case you dont know, do not try to pick up new people in the middle of a mission. We attemped to, but he was forced to start at the beginning of the part we were on, so when we beamed out and back in, we lost all progress on part 2 of the mission (and called it quit for the day out of annoyance).

Its late, so hopefully all that was coherent