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04-14-2010, 12:49 AM
Guys - here is a tactic that worked first time, and no probes got to the gate in the centre.

Kill initial group of borg in the middle - except leave 1 probe alive.
Once that probe is killed the timer will start and the gates shields will drop, you want to be in position when that happens. Once this probe dies and the shields drop start a stopwatch - this will be very useful.

Two teams as follows:
3 ships by the left hand gate, 2 ships by the right hand one. Doesn't really matter about the make up of these groups, but you will want to try and keep the highest DPS (ie escorts) in the left team.

The brief of each team is as follows:
The left hand team will fire on the gate when its shields drop, to try and to as much damage as they can before the shields raise. Once the shields raise they will destroy all the borg that came out, starting with the probes and then taking out the spheres. (When you are taking out the probes it would be useful to use the following skills to keep the spheres off you/keep you alive - albeit for a while: Scramble Sensors, Jam sensors, RSP and other defensive buffs) Once all the borg are dead on this side, one or two escorts can full impulse over to the other side to help the other team.

The right hand team will not be firing on the gate (yet). As there is only two of them they will need to target the borg that come out immediately. Again as above, probes first, with buffs to confuse spheres and keep you protected from them. You should be able to kill everything without too much trouble, and the escorts that come to help will clear anyting that is still left.

Now here is the trick.

The whole event is on a 3 minute timer, so the shields will drop and reinforcement borg will come through after three minuts have passed. That is where the stopwatch comes in handy so that everyone is back in position (left team especially facing the gate with all offensive buffs (attack patterns, power to weapons, HY torp etc etc) ready to unload on the gate.

Rinse and repeat this tactic until the left gate is dead. This should take between 4 and 5 cycles (3 if your dPS team on the left are uber-leet )

Now once that is done, some cubes will arrive in the next group. Everyone should group up by the right hand gate, and take out ONE of the cubes, but not the second. One of the group (probably low DPS sci or cruiser) should get aggro off the remaining cube (by being the only person shooting at it) and then drag it well away from the gate so that it doesn't bother the other members of the team. (If you kill both cubes they will just respawn and this makes things alot more tricky)

Basically the method for taking down the right hand gate is the same as the first, when the 3minutes is nearly up everyone in postition and get ready to fire on it. Once the shield is back up target probes then spheres, rinse and repeat.
The gate should go down faster as you will have 4 people firing on it rather than 3, then go and kill the last cube... and job done

Much love out to @Bobkyou for coming up with these tactics whilst testing on tribble, and enabling our squad to be one of the first to complete