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04-14-2010, 02:56 AM
Originally Posted by Beaker2009 View Post
mail seems to be bugged at the moment, I can't seem to add items from my Inventory to mail. I drag-n-drop them over to my composed mail message, but it won't attach them.

I've opened a couple bug reports, but still not working last I checked.
I can mail white items only. I've tried green and such and no dice. So it's a work around that works out nicely for me.

Also, I've been playing a bit more and have worked my LT. CDR to level 8. In that time, I haven't found a single item I can take to Memory Alpha; however, it hasn't mattered. Having found Green Items and been rewarded with Some Blue items has made MA irrelevant. Actually don't need their stuff.

I understand there is a revision in the works, which may make it a viable part of the game. Right now, I don't need to gripe any more because MA is just taking up space. They do have a pretty facility, though :-)