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So my group and I plowed through the first two space parts and the ground crawl, but we're stuck on the generator room puzzle.

We figured out that we can take down node Alpha One by brute forcing it (3 engineers + 1 tactical officer) with turrets, security teams, energy cells, etc. But we can't seem to be able to take down any of the other 5 nodes this way (they spawn borgs, so our turrets / probes / security escorts don't fire at the node).

I feel like we're missing something here. After we took down Alpha One, there is a power conduit that starts flashing in the console room with a clickable option (don't remember what it was called). Of course the person in there clicked it, and the objective window told us that we had 1/6 node completed.

When we were working on node B2 (we tried all of them out, they all spawn borgs but A1 it seems), I've seen the power conduit start flashing when we got the node arround ~30% (as in, it became activable). Is this normal?

So, for those of you who succesfully completed the STF, what are we missing here? Is there any other way to destroy the nodes? Extend the exposure on them?