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04-14-2010, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by Oshanee
i trying to beat this mission for over month...nothing work...and i see around 3% player are quitting this game because of hard to beat the queen..i think this mission need little easy.. i DEMAND TO YOU CRYPTIC... i dont want quitting of this..i want stay this game but you left me no choice..i will quitting by next week...if nothing change..
Your kidding right, I took about 7 weeks off. I just wanted to play the KA mission but had to complete the chain first. So... I came back and beat infection and the cure within the first 12 hours back, in a PuG! Look and the least common denominator of all of your groups. If all of your groups fail YOU may be the one not pulling the weight. Sorry for sounding mean but if you really wanted to do it YOU COULD!