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04-14-2010, 06:30 PM
Order of Thirty and the 181st went through today and completed Khittomer on our first attempt, took us a while but finally did it

Final Boss Kill Shot

tbh I'm really not as happy with that one as I was with the others. Irellevant of time taken (took us 4 hours total including bio's/smoke breaks and crashes), it just felt like a bit too much of a slog.

The bit with the consoles and unlocking em was good, but took a few attempts, and I did like the way you could really feel the difference betweeb the difficulty of the old and new Borg and definitely no faults with the storyline and the way it tied up the events of the tutorial.

(I did find the bit where we supplied the guns we gave ourselves later to be taking the mickey though, I'd have given him a spare AP rifle and told him to keep it by for me )

After Infected and Cure I felt I could do them again, improve on my time e.t.c, but after Khittomer I just feel like I never want to see the damn place ever again. Way too much of a slog and putting nodes in stupid places doesn;t make it harder persay, it just makes it more annoying.

The final boss did drop some really really nice engines though.

At any rate big thank you to the peeps who came along, and chuffed we downed it.