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04-14-2010, 08:10 PM
My group got through it on the first day somehow. I don't know if we even bothered extending the shield timer or whatever, we just did one massive alpha strike on each node to get it down and it worked. The space part at the end is completely obnoxious by the way. We should be doing extra damage while Donatra's ship is cloaking, not zero because she pressed the "no more attacking me now" button. Anyhow...

Today, we did the exact same thing we did yesterday and it bugged out on us, twice. The first try, we knocked out 4 nodes before the console in the separate room that does everything became inactive. The second try, after clearing the space part after time travelling and all of the ground part all over again (...seriously?), it did the same thing after only one node. My group of friends decided they were done with the mission.

When you devs get around to fixing that BS, make sure it's in the release notes, because I'm not going to bother running the mission again til then. How did something so deal-breaking even make it through QA? If there's some stupid little gimmick to it that needs to be done, it should be tested assuming that players don't know about that gimmick.