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04-14-2010, 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by Gabrelle
Since everything I read so far tells me to burst the generator down in the ~10s window the node's shield is down, is there any way to do this with 3 engineerings, 1 tactical and 1 science officer? We got the first one down pretty easily, but for the other 5 borgs spawn, which makes security escorts / turrets / drones uneffective as they will target the borgs first.
Have your tactical use Fire team
Have the engi's use whatever they can that increases damage taken by a target, and likewise with the SCI(or whatever buffs people most)

Before dropping the shield have the tac use Ambush and Targeting Sensor, have the engi's and sci use whatever buffs they have that will boost damage.

Open with an Exploit power or weapon, have the tac "Fire on my Mark" it, and throw a Plasma 'nade. Then just DPS your hearts out and pray.