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04-14-2010, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by Raithnor View Post
I picked Drake. Mostly because only a real human could be that annoyingly obnoxious. He kind of reminds me of the "best friend" who comes up with the outlandish scheme that ends with both of you waking up in a Mexican jail.

By contrast, Zelle was a humorless twit who's BS was easily disproved, although you couldn't actually "DO" anything about it.

How does the text differ if you pick the Captain over Drake? Do they still try to "recruit" you into Section 31 but come up with a different BS reason why?
Actually if you pick the captain, and beat his team, you go to the Holodeck, he basically says You should had trusted me, even though you had no reason to do so, other then to follow his absolutely illegal orders from a shadow agency that doesn't exsist in the first place. He babbles something about keeping an eye on your carrer, and will call apon you sometime in the future.

So basically as far as I have seen, there is no difference in the long run in who you chose.

I must addmit though it does make you wonder ....What if?.....

So I have to give them points for that.