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04-14-2010, 10:21 PM
Originally Posted by DonisOfJuanis View Post
I submitted a ticket when I discovered Tyken's Rift not being affected by deflector dish (but I don't know the ticket number) and decided to write here when I discovered Photonic Shockwave was suffering a similar problem.
The Tyken's Rift not being effected by deflector dish skill would not be a bug. System: Deflector Dish is a system, much like crew, beams, and so on. Not a skill, that is Starship Deflector Dish. Powers are effected by 1 T1, 1 T2, and 1 T3-5 skill. The T3-5 skill for Tyken's Rift is Spatial Anomaly, not Deflector Dish.

It should list the skills that impact it however. There's a few skills that fail to list what skills boost them still. The type of bug that really shouldn't exist at this point, as it should be relatively simple for a producer to assign someone to quickly verify that all powers have 3 skills listed.

Yet a bunch don't. Boarding Party would be another example of a power that lacks that info.

And, for that matter, skills should list all powers they impact, not 2 examples.

The Photonic Theory thing is a bug, obviously. Either Photonic Shockwave uses the wrong skill or else the description for Photonic Theory is wrong. It training it could still be fine, even if it doesn't impact the skill, wouldn't be the only example of that. Although, ideally, if the skill trains the power, it should be one of the skills that modifies the power.